A B O U T   E R I C
    Eric Rivernight is an author and animator. He speaks English and French fluently. His writing passion appeared in his late teens and his 2D animating skills perfected from around that time.

    Eric has published his first novel The Outcome, volume one: Sylvia on August 2014.

    Eric intends to make The Outcome a book series in three parts. Each book reflecting on a main character's past or journey.
    He also published Preface of the Outcome, a small paperback book introducing the first two chapters of his final work.

   Melanie Reverie #1: A New Beginning is the name of his first children's book.

   In 2017, he published his first detective novel, Closet Friends.

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D E S C R I P T I O N   O F   T H E   A R T I S T
   'Rivernight' isn't my real name.

    I chose to have a pen name because my birth name is already in use in many advertisements by people sharing a similar birth name. I do not wish to be affiliated with them, particularly when my readers wish to know more about me. My decision was very clear before the publishing process began; I needed a name that would direct my readers towards my work.

    Having a pen name is more than a solution for any misrepresentation of known identities; it's a relief which prevents any unnecessary justifications. I'm sharing every corner of my artistry because my readers deserve it. My primary goal is to give them something to look forward to. I'll leave the success or failure for tomorrow.