Melanie Reverie is an imaginary being dedicated into helping children grow up with confidence. Each book that I will publish will illustrate Melanie in various cases. Sometimes, children need a little push to conquer their fears. The character that I created is some sort of a guardian angel, a protector of the innocent.

I started creating the concept of Melanie Reverie when I realised movie studios will forever promote superheroes fighting against their archenemies. We don't see our favourite heroes helping the average people because that's considered as boring in the movie business. Sure, every now and then a random person gets saved from a burning building... But that might as well be stock footage. The main focus in my story are the children. Melanie wants them to battle their fears, to accept that progress comes with persistence and time. I want my books to spread positivity without brainwashing children to believe that wishing upon a star will make everything become real.