On December 2015, I decided to incorporate additional storylines that would better explain the universe that I created.
I'll officially publish the final sequels when the time will come.
- Sorry for the fans of the series, the ones who've been supporting me from the very beginning (Summer 2014).
But I feel less stressed knowing that I'm writing from pure enjoyment than pure publicity.


    You're the eldest of my children. Protect your siblings as I protected you. If fate is in our side, we will be a family again. Leave this place and never come back or your father will kill you. If one of you ever gets caught red-handed, use my maiden name. My children, you must live for the ones who died securing our bloodline. Above all... never reveal your gifts to anyone!"

    Two steps away from being condemned to life in prison for what appeared to be an accident, Sylvia, the girl who pled not guilty, was saved by a mysterious gentleman. A man, from whom she doubted his intensions from day one, became an essential key to her improvement in her society. Although her life took a different turn, Sylvia remains secretive to anyone who attempts to dig further into her past.

    Her only desire is to find her siblings separated from childhood. As hard as it is for her to admit it, she needs all the help she can get. But how will she guaranty their safety without revealing who she truly is?